In my mind, the purpose of education is to enable human beings to develop to their full potential, intellectually and spiritually. That means that students have to be empowered to pursue self-knowledge and the skills that will help them be of service to their fellow human beings. Education should encourage people to develop their lives.

-Michael Nagler


Welcome, all! You are about to take a journey to explore new ( and old ) paths, discover fresh perspectives, and create possibilities. Through self-study, you will look at any beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires that limit you and prevent you from living fully, authentically and joyfully. Through regular practice, you will open doors to look within at the many different facets of your life. You will uncover "masks" you made for yourself to protect yourself and survive in this world. You will create the awareness and balance of a clear and understanding mind.

In this session, you will deepen your awareness of your thoughts, words, and actions. You will learn to let go of the past, begin to release what you no longer need, and plant the seeds of new experiences. Through this process, you will gain the courage, aliveness, and creativity to touch, move and inspire yourself and others. 


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