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Joy Jangdhari is available to the media as a consultant with extensive expertise in (Technology for your Psychology) education talks.  Real talks with Joy Jangdhari starts with a fabulous foundation smart insights, advice, and strategies.  A recipe for expansion a time to recharge.


Her groundbreaking workshop "Technology for your Psychology " provides Continuing Education credits for Professional and Personal Development. 

Ms. Jangdhari has received great reviews in recognition of her efforts to communicate the behavioral aspects of the mind-body connection and how it affects us all.

Personal consulting is available in New York, Ocean City Maryland, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and North Carolina.

Recommendation Continuing Education Representative Penn State, The Lancaster Center.

I would like to recommend Joy Jangdhari as a quality candidate for public speaking engagements for your business.  She demonstrates a strong work ethic, a dedication to high performance, and excellent people/communication skills set.  She incorporates the highest quality service and organization skills with her customers and follows up in a timely manner on all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Her creative talent is utilized in helping the customer obtain the best outcomes within their parameters.  I am pleased to recommend Joy Jangdhari to work in the above positions. 


Helen Ebersole 

Continuing Education Representative 

Penn State, The Lancaster Center

Joy can be reached at 


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