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Joy Jangdhari demonstrates a strong work ethic, a dedication to high performance and excellent people/communication skills set.  Joy incorporates the highest skills with her customers up in a timely manner on all aspects of a project from start to finish.  Her creative talent is utilized in helping the customer obtain the best outcomes within their parameters.  I am pleased to recommend Joy Jangdhari.

 - Helen Ebersole Continuing Education Representative Penn State University 

Joy Jangdhari,  CEO  of Joy Events LLC  provides

Continuing Education Programs for Health Care Professionals as well as Personal and Professional Development Programs for Corporate Wellness.  Live Seminars, Multi-Day Seminars, In-house training, Live Seminar Certificates. 

Joy Jangdhari leads outside the lines offering "cutting-edge" education:  Wellness Programs to Reclaim Your Health and Well-Being.  Learn skills to reduce stress, increase energy and focus. Change self-limiting habits. Overcome barriers to better choices.  Create positive change! 

Joy Jangdhari at the 14th annual commemoration JRI research institute 

Dear JRI and Friends,

 I just want to take a moment to thank Joy Jangdhari for the work she has done for this year's JRI banquet and conference.  I can't take any credit for this one.  Joy has come to this event as a professional event planner and has transformed it into something amazing that now everybody wants to be a part of.  We are only halfway through the work, but really what she has done this year for our event is something that amazes me.  I could wait until it's all over, but that would be inadequate thanks. I cannot wait to see it unfold!

President,  JRI Research Institute 

14th Annual Commemoration

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