How to Use Your Breathing To Calm The Mind And Body


Regulated breath is always ruled by non-injury. Never take breathing beyond your comfort. Inhale or exhale as much air as possible within your capacity. With practice, your capacity will increase, but this is not to be considered a contest to see how fast your body can adapt. Breath is the science of restoring the body's natural rhythms by learning not to breathe with only the upper chest; but rather by purposefully using the diaphragm. Be attentive to creating gentle, full, steady diaphragmatic breathe. A complete diaphragmatic breath is made up of three distinct phrases involving the abdominal (belly), thoracic (mid-lung) and clavicle (upper-lung) regions. Diaphragmatic breathing is natural to a newborn baby. It's just automatic to them.

In this session, you will practice Diaphragmatic Breathing.


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