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Everyday Health and Wellness Institute makes the world healthy, mentally emotionally and physically stable.

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Wellness defined

Physical, Mental and Emotional fitness orchestrated for the balancing of the mind/body to be in the state of health and wellness.


To build a strong and stable foundation for one’s intelligence to work from. The focus on being balanced, inward mentally and outward physically. Health management skills for all that have a low risk of side effects.

The Goal

*Education throughout the communities, schools, and businesses. To create and assist in emotional, social and physical functionality to reset and regroup.

*Implementing wellness programs at work for the purpose of promoting employees' health.


• Technology for your Psychology education adapted from the text “Living Life As A Joyful Being; be ready for whatever life brings!” 

Author Joy Jangdhari.  Recommended by: Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Entrepreneurs. 

* Stress management for the Veterans, First responders, Military Personal, Community.

• Educational Videos. Roadmap to preparedness to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for whatever life brings!

Breathing Techniques:

America's insurance company deemed a prudent investment for patients with known coronary artery disease (Sommer, 1995) recognized in the past 30 years the value of yoga in the preventive and curative effects among the scientific community and the popular western culture.

Much of the scientific conception of why yoga is effective in health prevention and treatment is based on the principle that in the yoga can prevent or minimize the body’s sympathetic nervous system response to “stress”

i,e. an experience that the cerebral cortex interprets as challenging, demanding, or threatening (Patel, 1993).

Effects such as increased heart rate, increased cardiac output, vasoconstriction, muscular tension, rapid or irregular breathing pattern, alert brain showing a fast, low-amplitude desynchronized EEG, and an increase in the activity of sweat glands may all be related to pathological processes which lead to disease states.

In the work of Benson et al (1974), they describe a “ Relaxation response” which is a wakeful hypometabolic state induced by the use of simple non-cultic mental techniques or by traditional meditation practices. The hypometabolic state is characterized by decreased oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide elimination, respiratory rate, and minute ventilation with no change in the respiratory quotient.

There is a marked decrease in arterial blood lactate and a slight decrease in arterial blood pH and base excess. In subjects experienced in the elicitation of the hypometabolic state, intra-arterial blood – pressures are low before, during after its practice. They suggest that this is part of an “integrated hypothalamic response” which is consistent with a state of decreased sympathetic-nervous system activity and that it is the counterpart of another hypothalamic response, the emergency reaction of the fight or flight response. 

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