Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide

501(C)3 Chief Executive Officer Joy Jangdhari

A Roadmap To Preparedness- Life Management Skills

Integrating the wholeness of individual-Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Education.

Every human has the right to this education!

Learning paths that lead to personal development, professional advancement, and enrichment.  


To build a strong and stable foundation for one’s intelligence to work from. The focus is on being balanced, inward- mentally, and outward physically. 

 Health management skills for all that have a low risk of side effects.

The Goal

Education throughout the communities, schools, and businesses, to create and assist in emotional, social, and physical functioning and to reset and regroup.


​The Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide is collaborating with Communities, Schools, Hospitals, First Responders, Police departments on education for Health and Well-being programs. 

Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide

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Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

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Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide

Managing your Health and Wellbeing